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Video: A Swarm Of Bees Invaded A Major League Baseball Game Today

Pitcher gets ready to throw to batter through a swarm of bees.

These players know not to mess with a swarm of bees.

The Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres squared off in spring training game today, and it was frightening. It wasn't frightening because of bad play or because one team dominated the other in impressive fashion.

No, fears were realized when a swarm of bees invaded the game in the top of the ninth inning.

With a Rockies player up to bat, you can see the infestation about to take place, as the camera picks up the swarm of insects as they head toward home plate.

All four individuals pictured, the pitcher, catcher, umpire, and batter, all hit the deck to avoid the bees -- even some other players in the outfield decided to get to in an attempt to avoid getting stung.

You can hear the announcer exclaim, "I've never seen that," while making the call. We've never seen this either, but there have been plenty of on-field interruptions in baseball. Normally it has to do with excessive rain which prompts a delay, but every now and then a squirrel or fan runs onto the field.

Let's just get one thing clear, if a swarm of bees is coming at you, odds are you're taking the same approach as these major leaguers.