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Video: Atlanta Braves Reporter Hit By Foul Ball

An Atlanta Braves reporter was hit by a foul ball.

Baseball is back!

You know what that means. Warmer weather is ahead, and we finally get to watch our favorite teams take the field for the first time in months.

While it's truly the best time of the year, it can also be extremely dangerous.

Braves sideline reporter Kelsey Wingert learned firsthand when she was hit by a foul ball.

Here's video of the play.

Wingert revealed she suffered a fractured eye socket as a result of the foul ball.

She's one tough cookie.

Foul balls are easily one of the most-dangerous plays in a baseball game - especially for fans. The MLB has considered extending nets down the first and third baseline, but MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said that mandate would have to be made by the team's on an individual basis.

Luckily, she was okay.