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Video: Dad's Embarrassing Home Run Catch Is Going Viral

Dad's embarrassing home run catch

Cut 4.

With nachos in hand (only for a moment), one dad attempted to make his son's day and catch a home-run ball at the Reds game on Thursday. His attempt failed miserably.

The Cincinnati Reds took on the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday, and it turned into a low-key Home Run Derby. The two teams combined for seven homers in an exciting offensive showing.

Eugenio Suarez was one of the players to go yard. The moonshot went 441 feet in the bottom of the sixth. The ball's deep travel went in the direction of a dad and son sitting in the stands.

The dad, with a tray of nachos in his right hand, made a play on the ball, but bobbled it. As the ball traveled away from him, this dad tried to leap over seats to go after the loose ball. In doing so, he tripped, lost the tray of nachos and took a hard fall on some seats. Naturally, his son was disappointed, but mostly because of the lost nachos.

This is pretty hilarious. Take a look.

Sure, the attempt didn't go as planned. But he at least gets an 'A' for effort.

Even better, this son and father will have a memory and viral clip to last a lifetime. That's not the worst payoff.

Next time, though, he might think twice before giving up his nachos to retrieve a home-run ball.