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Video: Man Breaks Into MLB Stadium, Causes $40,000 In Damage With Tractor

A general view of the Milwaukee Brewers stadium.

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 11: A general view of the interior of Miller Park during the opening day game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburg Pirates on April 11, 2005 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Brewers defeated the Pirates 6-2. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

A man walked right through the unlocked front doors of the Brewers' Miller Park in June of this year. You won't believe what he proceeded to do next.

Keyon A. Lambert - a 40-year-old man from Milwaukee - found Miller Park's entrance doors unlocked earlier this year. He proceeded to enter the stadium and make his way to the actual field. After taking a stroll across the diamond, Lambert caught notice of a nearby tractor.

The Milwaukee man commandeered the tractor and drove it all the way from right field to the infield. He then proceeded to attempt to draw his name in cursive across the infield. His attempt failed miserably, but he did cause major damage to the field.

The Milwaukee Brewers estimate Lambert caused $40,000 in damages - after all, professional baseball field upkeep isn't cheap. Prosecutors have charged Lambert with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. Take a look at the bizarre incident in the video below.

You won't see too many criminal acts as bizarre as this one - especially when it involves sports. Of all the obscure details of this case, the most obscure is Lambert's attempt to draw his name - in cursive for that matter - on the field with a tractor. Talk about a major challenge.

Even if he was successful, what's the point? According to USA Today, the 40-year-old man ended his fun by running the bases backwards before leaving the park.

Perhaps the Milwaukee Brewers should consider locking their front entrance doors from now on.