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Video: MLB Umpire Made Worst Ball Call Of The Season

MLB umpire's Strike 3 call.


There have been some truly horrendous calls by MLB umpires over the years. But umpire Jeremie Rehak's called ball during the Royals-Twins game Friday night may be the worst we've ever seen.

Royal reliever Josh Staumont entered the game in the seventh inning with Kansas City holding a 5-1 lead. Staumont worked Twins batter Ryan Jeffers to a 1-2 count before throwing a blazing fastball seemingly right down the middle. The obvious strike would've recorded an out by strikeout, but the umpire clearly missed the pitch.

Rehak proceeded to call the obvious strike a ball, evening the count to 2-2. Staumont signaled to the umpire to ask him why it wasn't a strike. The umpire replied, saying the pitch was a bit high out of the strike zone.

You won't see many pitches more perfectly placed in the strike zone than Staumont's seventh-inning fastball Friday night. Take a look at the umpire's horrendous ball call in the video below.

Fortunately, Staumont left the inning unscathed. The Kansas City Royals went onto beat Minnesota 7-2.

But still, this type of call is inexcusable. Umpires have had a tough time this season, which as a result has increased the demand for robot umpires. The game of baseball can't suffer because of missed calls by human umpires much longer.

As long as umpires continue to make calls like the one made Friday night, the use of robot umpires seems inevitable at this point.