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Video: Orioles Pitcher Ejected For Hitting Red Sox Batter With A Curveball

Orioles pitcher Kevin Gausman gestures toward the ump.

The umpire who made the call is getting crushed for his decision.

We expected tonight's Red Sox-Orioles game to be intense. The two teams have been jarring with each other for a couple of weeks now. It started with Manny Machado sliding into Dustin Pedroia, causing an injury, and seemed to elevate in animosity on Tuesday night, when the Orioles' star was thrown at by Boston starter Chris Sale.

Both teams were warned before the game tonight that anything more could lead to ejections and suspensions.

Well, something else happened. But it didn't appear to be intentional.

Orioles starter Kevin Gausman hit Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts with a pitch and was immediately ejected by the home-plate umpire.

The pitch was a curveball, though, and didn't at all appear to be intentional.

The Orioles are understandably furious.

The Red Sox lead tonight's game, 1-0.