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What Matt Harvey Did Before Not Showing Up At The Ballpark Saturday

Here's what happened, according to Matt Harvey's team.

Matt Harvey's been suspended three games without pay for a violation of team rules, the New York Mets announced today.

The 28-year-old pitcher was reportedly a no-show at the ballpark on Saturday. He was scheduled to pitch today.

Harvey's team claims he had a bad headache on Saturday and communicated that to the Mets before not showing up at the park. The Mets took it another way.

According to FanRag Sports' Jon Heyman, Harvey played golf on Saturday.

From his report:

The Mets aren’t saying anything about the reason for the suspension, but sources contend Harvey wasn’t told of Saturday’s ban until Sunday, after arriving at the ballpark. While one source said “this will end up in a grievance” other sources suggest Havery isn’t yet set on that. 

Harvey didn’t go to the ballpark Saturday, and apparently that is behind the suspension, though the Mets aren’t saying the reason for the absence or the ban. Harvey sees it as a miscommunication, according to sources, as people close to him say he played golf early Saturday, got a headache when he returned home around 1 p.m., and advised the Mets of this issue.

Harvey did go to the park on Sunday when he was scheduled to pitch, but was advised of the suspension at that time.

It's never easy with the New York Mets.

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