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Photos: There's No One At This MLB Game Because Of The Weather

A generic photo of two baseball's sitting side-by-side on a field.

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

The calendar may say it is April, but it is most certainly not spring weather around much of Major League Baseball.

We've seen an abundance of players wearing balaclavas, hoods, winter hats and other accessories to keep warm early in the season. It's been bad.

The weather in Chicago today is especially harsh. The Cubs postponed their home game because of snow, but the White Sox are playing the Tampa Bay Rays.

Well, the images tell us the White Sox are playing, but there aren't many people in attendance. Just look at some of these "crowd" shots.

With temperatures in the low-30s at game time, who can blame these fans for wanting to stay home? Tampa Bay starter Chris Archer doesn't seem to be too affected. He's wearing short sleeves.

The Rays lead the White Sox 2-1 in the top of the fifth inning. Stay warm, Sox fans.