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Photo: Cubs Fans Writing Names Of Loved Ones Who Never Saw World Series Win On Wall At Wrigley Field

Cubs fans started an awesome new tradition this post-season. Last night, after the team won its first World Series since 1908, fans wrote the names of loved ones who never saw the team take home a title on a Wrigley Field wall.

The tradition began just over a week ago, as the Cubs were wrapping up their game six win in the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers. A group of Cubs fans made their way to the wall on Sheffield Avenue to write the names of fans who passed away before they could see their beloved team win the World Series. From Bleed Cubbie Blue:

If you walked by the right-field wall after the game and left your mark in chalk like I did, you have Andrew Mathews and his friends to thank.

As the seventh inning of Game 6 of the NLCS wrapped up, with the Cubs up 5-0 over the Dodgers, Andrew headed to the right-field wall. He and some friends had gotten the idea to bring chalk to the field so they could leave the names of people they knew who were born, lived, and died without seeing the Cubs in a World Series close to the field. It started small, but soon grew from a group of trusted friends, to a bar full of trusted people, and finally to a crowd of joyous fans on Sheffield.

Like many others, they made their way to Wrigley from the pub where they were watching the game. Unlike others, they came prepared with hundreds of pieces of chalk. In the sea of people at Sheffield and Waveland there was enough crowd cover that they could begin writing their messages for themselves, and others. As they finished, they passed chalk out to a sea of fans who wanted to join in as well.

That tradition continued in a big way at last night, as fans in the sea of humanity in Wrigleyville made their way to the Wrigley Field wall to write new messages.

There are dozens of amazing gestures and moments stemming from this Cubs championship, and this is certainly one.