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Watch: Young Cubs Fan Has Amazing Reaction To Receiving Tickets For First Cubs Game

kolt kyler hugs his mom after getting tickets to a Cubs game.


Nine-year old Kolt Kyler didn't have quite as long a wait for his Chicago Cubs to win their first World Series in his lifetime as many others, obviously, but he's a die-hard fan all the same.

On Sunday, Kyler was surprised with tickets to his first-ever Cubs game at Wrigley Field by his father, as a reward for hard work in school, baseball, and on the family farm. His reaction is going viral today. Watch and you'll see why.

Step-sister Hannah Himes, who posted the video to Twitter, spoke to ABC News about the special gift.

“He had a double header that morning/afternoon, he mowed our grandma's yard and then came home for chores and that's when he got his surprise,” she added. “Before he was given the tickets he was asked if he would help with something that would take a whole day to do, and not knowing what it was he still volunteered to help. I think more people in the world should take note of Kolt's work ethic, attitude, and thankfulness.”

Kolt is an honor-roll student, on top of being a budding baseball star, and still finds time to help on the farm whenever he's asked. It certainly sounds like he has earned an awesome day at the ballpark.

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