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Ben Askren Had Brutally Honest Admission Following Knockout

Jake Paul boxing against Ben Askren.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 17: Jake Paul celebrates after defeating Ben Askren in their cruiserweight bout during Triller Fight Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on April 17, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller)

Former MMA star Ben Askren was the latest boxing opponent that YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out. And it's safe to say that Askren wasn't exactly thrilled to be on the wrong side of history.

Speaking to the media after his TKO loss two minutes into the fight, Askren admitted that the deserved the criticism he's received for it. He said it was doubly embarrassing because he got knocked out by someone everyone hates. Askren feels he let the MMA community and the whole world down by losing.

“It’s probably deserved,” Askren said about the ridicule. “Because I got knocked out by Jake Paul. It’s f-ing embarrassing.

“I didn’t let the MMA community down, I let the world down. People f-ing hate Jake Paul and they wanted to see me make him miserable and I didn’t do that. So I didn’t let the MMA community down, I let the world down.”

The Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight was the inaugural event of Triller Fight Club. That event featured all kinds of fun and crazy antics leading up to the big fight.

But while Jake Paul was no MMA star or college wrestling star like Ben Askren, Askren has never been much of a boxer. Paul's knockout of Nate Robinson several months back was seen as a fluke by many.

Clearly he's doing it for more than just the giggles.

If it's any consolation, Askren got a huge payday for his trouble.

Better luck next time.