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Dana White Has Brutally Honest Message For Jake Paul

Dana White speaking to the media.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 13: UFC President Dana White conducts a post game press conference after the UFC 236 event at State Farm Arena on April 13, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

YouTube star Jake Paul has been making a lot of money with his boxing, most recently knocking out for UFC fighter Ben Askren by first-round knockout. UFC president Dana White has taken notice too.

Speaking to reporters after last night's UFC 261 pay-per-view event, White admitted to being stunned by the whole situation. But he conceded that Paul has the right to make the big bucks however he wants to.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This kid’s done a good job of putting himself in a place to make some money, man,” White said, via “So, good for him. He’s got you guys talking about him all the time and asking questions about him. He’s got Daniel Cormier running after him, so he’s doing something right.”

White said he didn't know what to make of the Askren knockout though. He called Paul's success in the ring "mind-boggling".

"He knocked out an NBA guy that was 40 years old and 30 pounds less than him," White said. "I don't even know what to think about the Askren thing. The whole thing is f--king mind-boggling to me, but good for him. Grab that money while you can, kid."

Jake Paul is now 3-0 as a fighter and seems hungry for more challengers.

That said, he probably won't be getting those challengers from Dana White's active roster.

White has maintained that he will not be doing any business in the future with the YouTube star-turned-boxer.

“Do you know what would happen to this guy – he ain’t fighting in the UFC,” White said. “You’re getting me f*cking talking about this guy again. He’s getting handpicked opponents, and god knows what else is going on with that whole f*cking thing. There is a market for that. That’s not what I do.

“People want to see that, and it’s great, and this kid’s going to make a couple bucks before this ride is over. It’s just not what I do. What I do is what happened tonight. What happened tonight is we sold this place out and it was packed, and the numbers that you’re hearing that they did are full of sh*t. They’re full of sh*t. They didn’t pull those kind of numbers. At all. Not even f*cking close. Tonight, what happened here tonight is what I do. The best versus the best.”