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Stipe Miocic Breaks Silence After Loss To Francis Ngannou

A bloodied Stipe Miocic raising his arms after a fight.

PHOENIX, AZ - DECEMBER 13: Stipe Miocic reacts in the octagon after being defeated by Junior dos Santos (not pictured) in an unanimous decision in their heavyweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event at the at U.S. Airways Center on December 13, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Stipe Miocic has finally spoken publicly about his devastating defeat at Saturday's UFC 260.

The former UFC heavyweight champion lost to Francis Ngannou by knockout in the second round of the championship rematch. Miocic (20-4 MMA, 14-4 UFC) took an awkward tumble on the way down and fell unconscious. He was transported to the hospital for a precautionary CT scan of his head, according to the UFC.

Miocic posted

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">a picture on Instagram in his first statement since Saturday's fight, reassuring fans that he was ok. He also explained what led to the bout's outcome and congratulated Ngannou on the win.

"First and foremost, I’m ok. I know that fall wasn’t my most graceful fall, but I was unconscious, so it happens 😂 To my family friends and fans, especially Croatia & Cleveland.. I love you and I’m sorry. I hate letting you down. To my team, thank you. I know you feel every loss just as much as I do. We win as a family, we lose as a family. Losses aren’t fun, they always sting for a while, but that’s the beast of this business. You can’t win them all, and it’s important to understand that losing is just as much a part of sports (and life) as winning. Don’t ever forget God will always put you where you’re meant to be at that exact moment. You can’t dwell on what you should have done better, but you can learn and improve from it and come back more prepared next time. Unfortunately, I deviated from game plan. I felt great coming into the second round, I saw it was beginning to go as planned. He was getting very winded, and I came in over zealous and unprotected. I wasn’t in a good posture to take the hit. He saw the opening, and did what any great fighter would have done. That was my error that I accept, it wont happen again. Lastly, I’d like to congratulate @francisngannou and his team on a well earned victory. Saturday night was your night, enjoy your victory! For now, I’m going to enjoy the down time, spend some time with my family, and welcome our son into the world this summer... stay tuned, God bless..."

The end of the statement reveals that 38-year-old will take some time off before determining his future in UFC. Miocic is widely regarded as one of the best heavyweight fighters of all-time, but may be nearing the end of his accomplished career.

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