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UFC Fighter Reveals He Nearly Died In Accident Tuesday

A general photo of a UFC event.

(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

UFC fighter Lerone Murphy was involved in a bicycle accident on Tuesday that he's calling a "near-death experience." 

In his Instagram post, Murphy said an oncoming car collided into his bicycle "at speed." The car apparently turned without looking.

Murphy suffered a wound to his head as a result of this accident. Unfortunately, the ambulance that eventually drove him to the hospital took 45 minutes to arrive at the scene. 

The 30-year-old said the ambulance took so long he nearly bled out.

"Ffs I can’t catch a break. Another near death experience," Murphy wrote. "Yesterday while cycling, a oncoming car turned right without looking and we collided at speed. Which caused a nasty head wound The ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive which nearly caused me to bleed out. Im here still breathing for a greater purpose clearly."

Thankfully, Murphy is in stable condition.

It's unclear if Murphy will continue fighting after this injury. He owns an 11-0-1 record with seven knockouts.