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Hailie Deegan Shares Terrifying News: NASCAR World Reacts

NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan

MADISON, ILLINOIS - AUGUST 20: Hailie Deegan, driver of the #1 Monster Ford, waits the grid prior to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Toyota 200 presented by CK Power at Gateway Motorsports Park on August 20, 2021 in Madison, Illinois. (Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images)

NASCAR Truck Series driver Hailie Deegan recently missed out on the Freedom 500 at Bradenton's DeSoto Speedway. In a recent YouTube video, she announced why she didn't participate in that race.

Deegan revealed that she skipped the race in fear for her life. A fan who lives near her race shop threatened to kill her boyfriend, Chase Cabre, in several social media posts.

“His official words were, not that he’s going to kill Chase, but that he’s going to come … and be the last thing Chase ever sees,” Deegan said via the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The police stayed at their residence for an extended period of time to make sure Cabre and Deegan are safe.

"It kind of scared me a little bit, because I’d dealt with stalker situations before,” Deegan continued. “I went home that day, looked up the guy’s name on the note, and figured out that he was getting catfished by a fake Hailie Deegan account."

As you'd expect, NASCAR fans are terrified by this news.

"The situation that Hailie Deegan and Chase Cabre have had to go through is absolutely awful. No one should ever have to go through that," one fan said.

"Hailie Deegan’s latest video is pretty damn frustrating to look at because so many people have done and said some awful shit that has to do with her," another fan tweeted.

"Whether you like Hailie Deegan or not, this s--- if really F'ed up, hope everyone in the Deegan/Cabre Family is safe and can move on from this," a third fan wrote.

The NASCAR world clearly supports Deegan.

We're hoping Cabre and Deegan never have to go through another situation like this.