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Look: NASCAR World Is Furious With Sunday's Race

NASCAR's Cup Series race on Sunday.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - SEPTEMBER 25: A general view of racing as the sun sets during the NASCAR Cup Series Auto Trader EchoPark Automotive 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on September 25, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

NASCAR's Cup Series race on Sunday night could've gone better.

The NASCAR world is pretty fed up with the Cup Series race on Sunday night, as it featured several unfortunate crashes and a couple of truly scary moments.

NASCAR reporter Jeff Gluck called it a "disaster."

"What a disaster. Absolute disaster of a race," he tweeted on Sunday night.

NASCAR fans seem to be in agreement.

"Setting the sport back. Feels like the brickyard. The fact that this is the top series of the sport right now is embarrassing. Saying this all as a fan who loves and cares about it so much. This has to change," one fan wrote.

"You know it’s a bad race when JEFF GLUCK Is saying it’s a bad race!" another fan wrote.

"NASCAR has turned into a joke with this new car. Drivers are getting hurt, teams can't make cars last a whole race, goodyear can't make a tire last more than 40 laps..." another fan added.

"It's not often that the prevailing opinion of a facility going in is literally "demolish this place", and it gets worse," one fan added on social media.

Hopefully things can improve moving forward, because tonight was rough.