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Video: Crazy Animal Moment At Today's IndyCar Race

Squirrel on the track at IndyCar race.

There have been a lot of injuries in sports this weekend. But of all the scary incidents that took place, few were as nerve-wracking as what almost happened to a furry critter at today's IndyCar race.

During today's race at the Detroit Grand Prix, a squirrel found its way onto the track as a pair of drivers were speeding down. Driver Ryan Hunter-Reay may not have seen the squirrel as his vehicle approached.

Fortunately, the squirrel was ready. With incredible agility, the squirrel tucked in its tail and leaped forward, missing the front left wheel of Hunter-Reay's car by inches.

The clip has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views in just a few hours. And the comments on Twitter and Facebook are pretty good too.

"That parkour action by the little fella though!" one fan wrote.

"Squirrel wins by a tail," another joked.

"Cats have nine lives. How many lives have a squirrel?" someone asked.

"Need a SAFER barrier there for squirrel safety. Pretty much a head on impact for Rocky," someone joked, referencing Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Between Christian Eriksen, Kyrie Irving and a poor fan at Wembley Stadium, there's been enough pain in sports this weekend. We didn't need to see a squirrel get squashed on national television on top of everything else.

Glad to see that squirrel made it out of harm's way okay.