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NFLPA Executive Laughs At Schedule Idea By Packers' President

George Atallah tweets about the idea of meeting with Packer's President.


The president of the Green Bay Packers thinks the NFL could eventually have a 17-game season. 

His idea: eight home games, eight away games and one international game. 


"As you look ahead, if we're going to have more and more international games, something's got to give at some point," Murphy said. "One thought that's been discussed is to go to 17 [regular-season games] and three [preseason] and then everybody would have an international game. So nobody would have to give up a home game then."

The NFL has been talking about lengthening its regular season for years, but it's an idea largely rejected by the players and, more specifically, the NFLPA.

So, the following response to Murphy's comments by the NFLPA's Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs, George Atallah, shouldn't surprise you. 

">June 29, 2016

Point: NFLPA.