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Fans Think U.S. Olympic Curler Matt Hamilton Looks Like Andy Reid

Matt Hamilton smiling on camera.


Andy Reid was last seen coaching the Kansas City Chiefs, but he's all some fans can see when U.S. Olympian Matt Hamilton is on TV.

Matt Hamilton is a member of the U.S. Olympic curling team. The 27-year old Wisconsinite is participating in his first Olympic games.

Curling always draws plenty of internet curiosity during the Winter Olympics. It is much different than the rest of the sports played during the event.

It doesn't hurt matters when one of the American athletes participating is the well-mustachioed Hamilton.

A few days ago, Hamilton wore a red hat with his red-on-black get-up. That drew comparisons to Nintendo's Mario.

To his credit, he tweeted a graphic that was going around with Mario's head photoshopped over his own. He seems to be having fun with all of the new attention.

Tonight, he's drawing comparisons to another famous sports figure: Andy Reid. A number of fans on Twitter have noted the resemblance, including NFL Network's Rich Eisen.

Here are some of our favorite tweets. Hopefully Hamilton will find these funny as well.

As someone fervently supporting U.S. Curling this month, I truly hope Hamilton and his team have more success than Reid's teams usually do in the post-season.

During today's Olympic action, the U.S. mixed doubles curling team fell to Norway 7-5 in round-robin play. The mixed-doubles semifinals take place on Sunday, while the men's tournament begins on Tuesday, February 13.