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Everyone Is Calling Team USA's Curling Gold The "Miracurl On Ice"

U.S. curler Matt Hamilton competing.


If you stayed up for all of Team USA's curling gold medal contest against Sweden on Friday night, you were treated to one of the more unlikely victories in American Olympics history. It was so unlikely, it already has a nickname.

Immediately after John Shuster & Co. got it done against the Swedes, viewers began calling it the Miracurl on Ice. It's a play on words with the original Miracle on Ice, which came back in 1980 when the United States men's hockey team took down the Soviet Union in the semifinals.

First here's the shot that essentially won the match for the United States. Shuster knocks out two Swedish stones to put up a five-spot when the game was tied 5-5.

...and everyone having the same, clever reaction.

Even Ivanka Trump got in on the action.

Congrats to Team USA. You never know - perhaps in 20 or so years, we'll have a movie made in their honor.