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Ryan Lochte Has Reportedly Been Suspended For 10 Months

Ryan Lochte has been suspended for nearly a year by the United States Olympic Committee, according to TMZ Sports.

Ryan Lochte and the three other U.S. swimmers involved in the gas station incident in Rio were reportedly set to receive their punishments by the USOC and U.S. Swimming on Thursday.

TMZ Sports has received word on Lochte's punishment a day early.

Lochte, 32, has reportedly been suspended for 10 months.

From their report:

USOC connected sources tell TMZ Sports ... Lochte has been suspended for 10 months. There are additional sanctions. The punishment allows Lochte to continue competing.

We're told the punishment was handed down not just by the USOC but by the IOC and USA Swimming as well.

The other 3 swimmers involved in the Rio incident were also suspended, but for less time. At least one of them got a 4-month suspension.

This is a fairly significant suspension. Michael Phelps received a six-month suspension in 2014 as a result of his DUI arrest.

USA TODAY said this of the four swimmers' actions in Rio.

Legal experts and a Brazilian judge also told USA TODAY Sports that the actions of the guards that night may have been illegal, as Brazilian law prohibits anyone from determining on their own the damages to property and using a weapon to collect payment.

All four swimmers eventually were able to leave Brazil by the end of the Olympics, though Bentz and Conger were first pulled off their planes for further questioning before they left and Feigen had to pay a $11,000 settlement to avoid charges before he could return home. Rio authorities say they will pursue a case against Lochte for filing a false police report, but Lochte’s legal team disputes that the swimmer made false statements to police.

Lochte lost all of his endorsements as a result of the incident, but has since gained some. He's also set to appear on this season of ABC's Dancing With The Stars, which debuts next week.

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