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Shaun White Issues Apology Over Treatment Of American Flag

Shaun White holding the American flag.

Shaun White issued another apology.

Earlier today Shaun White issued an apology for calling allegations of sexual harassment against him "gossip." The lawsuit, involving a former band-mate, was settled out of court and largely fell out of the news cycle until White's gold medal run in the halfpipe competition late Tuesday night.

A few hours later, White appeared on NBC's Today show and issued an apology for his "poor" choice of words. But that's not the only apology White issued following his win.

After throwing down a near-perfect run to win gold, White was handed an American flag. In the midst of his celebration, the flag dropped to the ground and White dragged the symbol of freedom on the ground for a short period of time.

Many on Twitter were not happy with White's treatment of the flag, and voiced their displeasure on Twitter. Here's a few of those who were captured by White's performance, but unhappy with his flag etiquette.

White received enough flack that he deemed it necessary to issue an apology for dragging the flag on the ground. During the press conference following the run, White apologized.

"I remember being handed the flag, but I was trying to put my gloves on and hold the flag and get the board," he said via "So honestly, if there was anything, I definitely didn’t mean any disrespect."

White then made it clear he's proud to be an American, and represent the country.

"The flag that’s flying on my house right now is way up there," he continued. "So sorry for that. But I’m definitely proud, very proud, to be a part of Team USA and being American and to be representing for everyone back home."

Perhaps we're being too harsh on someone who was obviously overcome with emotion following the biggest win of his life.