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Shaun White Clinches Gold Medal With Near-Perfect Final Run

Shaun White screaming after winning gold.


Shaun White has captured his third Olympic gold medal.

Shaun White delivered a fantastic first run, and somehow one-upped it with his final one. In the process, he captured his third Olympic gold medal.

White made his Olympic debut in Turin in 2006. He captured gold in those games, and against in the 2010 games in Vancouver.

He was coming off of a very disappointing 2014 games in Sochi, where he finished in fourth, failing to win a medal. That put his prospects in doubt heading into Pyongchang.

Those only compounded when he had a scary incident during training in New Zealand. Last October during training, White had a scary fall that resulted in 62 stitches and a break from training.

Today, however, White was excellent on the halfpipe. His first run earned him a score of 94.25, which had potential to win the whole thing.

It wasn't that easy, however. White wiped out in his second run, and Japanese snowboarder Ayumu Hirano scored a very impressive 95.25 in his second run, taking over first place.

White was nearly perfect in his final attempt, however. He scored a 97.25 out of 100, clinching the gold medal.

The 31-year old White was incredible emotional after capturing his third gold. After dealing with significant adversity in the build-up to these games, he definitely earned it.

Hirano finished with the silver medal, while Australian Scott James earned bronze with a score of 92 on his first run.