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Video: Canadian Skier Suffers Brutal Injury After Scary Crash

A skier crashes in the Olympics.

The Olympics is supposed to be a place where athletes dreams come true and exist as a gathering place for millions around the world to watch their favorite athletes compete. However, there is a dark side to competing at the highest level at breakneck speeds.

Horrific crashes have clouded some of the ski events during the 2018 Winter Olympics at PyeongChang. That was the case on Tuesday night when Canadian skier Christopher Del Bosco took a nasty fall.

During a ski cross race, Del Bosco appeared to lose his balance after landing from a jump. After losing his balance, Del Bosco was launched off of another jump without control.

He was left flying through the air. Here's video of the scary incident.

Initial reports suggested Del Bosco suffered a broken hip. Since then Canadian officials said more testing was needed to figure out for sure if a broken hip was the diagnosis.

There were several other injuries throughout the race as well. Terence Tchiknavorian of France was taken to the hospital with a suspected fractured shin and Austrian Christoph Wahrstoetter received a concussion.

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