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Papa John's To Test $3 Fee For Priority Orders

Too hungry to wait the hour or so for the pizza you ordered to arrive? Papa John's seems to have come up with an interesting solution, and yes it will cost more money.

According to the Associated Press, Papa John's has begun testing a new $3 fee called "Papa Priority" which ensures that your pizza will be sent to the front of the line. Currently, this service is only available in select markets.

While it doesn't guarantee the pizza will be delivered any faster than normal, or that the pizza will be done in a certain time frame, it does guarantee that the pie will be sent to the "front of the line so that it is made faster" according to its website.

The option is limited to five orders each night per location.

So far, Papa John's says the option has received "great customer reception."

While the service might not make much of a difference on weekdays, for occasions where everyone wants a pizza (weekends, nights of popular sporting events) the "Papa Priority" could be a lifesaver for hungry patrons.