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Photo: Chicago-Area Transportation Company Puts Up "Loser Keeps Bieber" Billboard In Anticipation Of Olympic Hockey Semifinal

Update: So, Command Transportation is taking today's USA loss in stride. After the game, they changed the electronic billboard to show a bald eagle with a "Belieber" gold chain necklace. At least the US has a winning sense of humor?

">February 21, 2014

Original: The Olympics are a big deal already, but if a Chicago-area transportation company gets its way, the stakes will never have been higher when the US and Canada face off in the Olympic hockey semifinals tomorrow.

Command Transportation, a company based in Skokie, Illinois, put up a billboard today that reads "Loser Keeps Bieber." The billboard features Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane (US) and Jonathan Toews (Canada), as well as Bieber, the international pop-icon who many Americans want deported back to his native Canada after a slew of recent run-ins with the law.

">February 20, 2014

The billboard can be seen off of the Edens Expressway, about 13 miles north of the United Center.

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