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Photo: Here's The (Probably Fake) Audi Ad Trolling The Olympic Rings Fiasco

Despite an attempt by Russian TV to cover up the Olympic rings fiasco, enough photos of the unfortunate malfunction, seen below, began circulating to allow the event to live on it perpetuity. While we aren't sure if Audi is actually responsible for what you're about to see below, we can all agree that it's very clever. If you remember, Audi's logo contains four interlocking rings - kinda like...

The tagline for the supposed Audi ad? "When Four Rings Is All You Need" Of course, that should read "When Four Rings Are All You Need" - hence the skepticism on it being an official Audi photo.

">February 10, 2014

Either way, it's exploding all over the Internet. Audi may have a hit on its hands without even trying.