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Photos: Michael Irvin Is At The Cowboys' Final Practice At Valley Ranch Facility Today

One of the greatest Cowboys of all-time has showed up at the team's final practice at its Valley Ranch facility today. 

Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin, who played for Dallas from 1988-99, is in attendance at the franchise's last team activity at the Valley Ranch, Texas facility. 

The Cowboys are opening a new, state-of-the-art facility, The Ford Center at The Star, in Frisco, Texas, when they return from training camp in Oxnard, Calif. The team's facility had been located at Valley Ranch since 1985. 

">June 16, 2016

">June 16, 2016

Jason Witten spoke of what Valley Ranch closing means to him to

“It’s similar to a home when you’re growing up,” Witten said. “The memories you have are not just the great ones, but also the ones that were learning experiences for you. Every time your car pulls in this parking lot, there’s emotions that come with that. Not to get too deep, but that’s what pro football is all about. The guys that can be able to handle that and kind of embrace what that entails inside of a locker room, the wins and losses, the dreams, the hard work and commitment when nobody’s here. But also, just the brotherhood that comes with that. There’s been some great relationships that I’ll have for the rest of my life due to this facility and this opportunity that we all have.”

The Cowboys' head coach, Jason Garrett, recalled watching Irvin practice back with a weighted vest on in the summer heat back in the 90s. 

“I can remember being on this practice field with Michael Irvin, by ourselves on hot July days when no one else was around and he has a weighted vest on,” Garrett said. “He has a weighted girdle on. He’s got his shoulder pads; he’s got his helmet; he’s got his Walter Payton mouthpiece in; and he’s running route after route after route.”

The Cowboys hope to be fully settled into their new facility by late July.