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Photos: TV Reporter Jenny Dell Goes To Prom With Student After Boy's Successful Campaign Impresses Her

It happens every spring. The high school boy wants to take the pretty celebrity to prom, so he starts campaigning. He tweets at her, makes a video, tries to meet her in person, etc. 

Rockland High School (Massachusetts) junior Cameron Stuart is this boy. He wanted to go to his school's prom with NESN reporter Jenny Dell, so he began with his pleas last October. His campaign worked, as Dell joined Stuart at this past weekend. 

Stuart reportedly began his campaign last fall, according to The Veritas, his school's newspaper.

"He even went to a Red Sox playoff game, leaving Sticky Notes at Fenway Park and the T Station at Kenmore Square," the article read. 

Then, in November, Stuart attended Boston's World Series' parade. He made a sign that caught Dell's attention and ended up meeting the reporter outside Fenway Park later that day. It was then that she told him she'd go to prom with him. 

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