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Report: Kevin Ware Cleared To Practice After Latest X-Ray Shows Leg Fully Healed

He's back.

We all knew that Louisville forward Kevin Ware's recovery was coming along faster than expected. We still didn't think he'd be back on the court this quickly.

Rick Pitino announced today that Ware, who played a key role for the Cardinals during last year's march to the national title, has been cleared to practice after his latest x-ray showed his bone fully healed. If you remember, Ware suffered one of the most grotesque college basketball injuries we've ever seen earlier this March.

He can also apparently start to go "all out" by the end of October.

Louisville opens its 2013-2014 season at home against the Charleston Cougars on November 9th - if Ware is somehow on the court, this will go down as one of the greatest recoveries of all-time.