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Report: NCAA President Plans To Unveil New Need-Based Stipend Plan For College Athletes

Mark Emmert is trying to get this right.

Scoop: Mark Emmert, President of the NCAA, is targeting April as a time to release a new need-based stipend plan for college athletes, according to CBS Sports.

Significance: Should college athletes get paid? This is arguably the hottest sports debate each and every year, and the NCAA has been trying to resolve the issue in recent seasons. A general consensus is that student-athletes should receive greater compensation, but just how much is very difficult to determine.

Story: Just over one year ago, Mark Emmert proposed a new stipend for college athletes that totaled $2000, designed to alleviate the expenses of being an athlete that scholarships aren't able to cover. The stipend would have been one-size-fits-all and available to every student athlete. That proposal was overwhelmingly disapproved and shut down, so they went back to the drawing board.

In April, a new plan will be proposed that offers much more flexibility due to the fact that it is need-based -- many athletes don't need the maximum allotment. The proposal will also supposedly give schools much more discretion regarding how significant of a stipend to hand out.