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San Diego State Drops In AP Poll Because One Writer Got Confused

Man oh man.

Scoop: San Diego State, a 7-1 team which has only lost to No. 4 Syracuse, dropped from 17th to 18th in the polls even though it won all of its games last week. The reason? Elton Alexander, a writer for TheCleveland Plain Dealer, apparently mixed up the University of San Diego with SDSU.

Significance: No, polls don't matter much in college basketball, but this is still ridiculous. If you're given the right to vote, you shouldn't be making these types of mistakes.

Story: You can see his "voter report" here where he votes University of San Diego No. 17 and leaves off SDSU completely. In the whole scheme of things, this probably won't affect anything postseason-related. But maybe there should be some sort of "are you sure about this outlier you've selected" warning that pops up when mistakes like this are being made - that'd be nice.