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Skip Bayless Clarifies His Johnny Manziel Prediction

Skip Bayless seen on First Take.

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless once said Johnny Manziel would be bigger in Cleveland than LeBron James and that the Texans would forever regret not selecting him with the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. 

Manziel, 23, is now out of the NFL. 

The former Texas A&M quarterback's father said on Friday that his son is a "druggie" and "if I have to bury him, I’ll bury him."

This has sparked the former ESPN First Take co-host to clarify his Manziel prediction. 

">June 26, 2016

">June 26, 2016

">June 26, 2016

">June 26, 2016

Bayless said on-air in early 2015 that he believed Manziel to have a drinking problem. 

My concern, I repeatedly said, was if Johnny continues to demonstrate that he has a problem with alcohol, and a problem with alcohol leading to partying and all that that entails, then I'm going to be out. I'm going to be off the bandwagon. I will no longer support a kid that I do like personally, and I have come to that point Stephen A. In talking to people in and around the Cleveland Browns, I believe Johnny Manziel continues to have a problem with alcohol. And I believe, Stephen A., that it is time for Johnny to get some help.

At the time, Bayless got crushed for saying this. 

His "Manziel will be bigger than LeBron" prediction was epically dumb, but his substance-abuse thoughts on the former Texas A&M quarterback have proven to be pretty dead-on.