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Video: Biting Incident During France vs. Germany Match

A general view of a soccer stadium from the vantage point of the goal.

(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Franch and Germany took to the pitch on Tuesday in a highly anticipated Euro group round match between two of the continent's top national teams. Suffice it to say, things got tense pretty quick between the two rivals.

But nothing topped what happened in the 45th minute between German defender Antonio Rudiger and French midfielder Paul Pogba.

In a video caught by the ESPN broadcast, Rudiger appeared to get very physical with Pogba in a moment right before the half. He then crossed the line by seemingly biting his opponent from behind, much to the dismay of the French midfielder.

Pogba yelled out in shock when Rudiger decided to chomp down on him. He ran over to an official to try and draw attention to the matter but was shooed away as the referees decided to not take a closer look at the incident.

The bite was caught on camera, so soccer fans got a close glimpse at the shocking moment. In an obviously strange moment, Rudiger pretty clearly tried to nibble at Pogba's back.

Take a look,

What is Rudiger doing 😳

— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) June 15, 2021

">courtesy of ESPN FC:

The move by Rudiger was questionable to say the least. Time will tell if further discipline comes after the match concludes and officials have reviewed what happened.

Rudiger's antics weren't the only questionable move by a Germany defender in Tuesday's match. On a cross from France in the 20th minute, German centerback Mats Hummels knocked the ball into his own net. The own goal gave France a 1-0 advantage headed into halftime.