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Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About Landon Donovan's World Cup Performance

USMNT legend Landon Donovan has already called a few matches in the 2022 World Cup. So far, the soccer world is unimpressed with his skills as a color commentator.

The most common complaint involving Donovan is that he doesn't bring a lot of energy to the broadcast booth. 

At least that's what the public is saying about the former LA Galaxy star. 

"I'll be honest, I expected more from Landon Donovan as an analyst," Kyle Bonn of Sporting News tweeted. "He's fun and smart. But on TV, so far, he's got zero energy, and his analysis has felt off at times."

"Landon Donovan is absolutely atrocious on this broadcast," one person said. "Seems like his first time on air."

"Landon Donovan offering absolutely nothing to the broadcast, kind of like when he tried to play in Europe," another person wrote on Twitter.

Donovan will have plenty of time to redeem himself. 

FOX's coverage of the 2022 World Cup will resume on Wednesday morning.