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Look: Gareth Bale's Horrible Penalty Kick Is Going Viral

Gareth Bale misses penalty kick.


Gareth Bale started this Wednesday's match between Turkey and Wales on an excellent note, setting up Aaron Ramsey for an easy goal in the first half. Unfortunately, the second half hasn't been too kind to the 31-year-old superstar.

During the 61st minute of action, Bale missed a crucial penalty kick that would've given Wales a commanding 2-0 lead over Turkey.

Bale didn't just miss the penalty kick against Turkey, he completely whiffed on hitting his target. His attempt skied over the net and never really had a chance due to its upward trajectory.

Though he's considered a world class player, Bale received a lot of criticism on social media for his botched penalty kick this Thursday.

Here's the brutal miss from Bale:

We'd imagine Bale isn't too pleased with himself right now. Hopefully for his sake, Wales maintains its lead over Turkey and holds on for three points.

That miss from Bale could hurt Wales in the long run depending on how Group A shakes out. Goal differential could loom large if Switzerland upsets Italy later this afternoon.

Wales will have a few days to rest before it faces Italy on Saturday. That match will most likely decide who's the top seed coming out of Group A.