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Look: Goalie Gives Up Horrible Own Goal In Haiti-Canada Game

Haiti goalie gives up an own goal.

On Tuesday night, Canada and Haiti stepped on the field for the second leg of their CONCACAF World Cup qualifier.

Canada won the first game of the series by a 1-0 score. The first 45 minutes of the first half of tonight's game didn't produce a goal for either side, leaving the aggregate score 1-0 for Canada through one and a half games.

Unfortunately for Haiti, things took a horrible turn early in the second half. Haitian goalie Josue Duverger saw a pass come in from one of his defensemen and tried to play it cool.

What he did, though, was anything but cool. Duverger attempted to let the pass come to him and then distribute it out to one of his other defensemen. Instead, he whiffed on the pass and immediately panicked.

He tried to kick the ball a second time, but whiffed on that attempt as well. The result was a horrible own goal.

Check it out.

It's a brutal break for Haiti and Duverger, who were down just one goal before his major mishap.

Now Haiti faces a significant deficit with less than a half to recover.