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Look: Horrifying Scene At Soccer Game In South America

A general view of a soccer net.

(Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

Over the weekend, a horrifying scene unfolded at a soccer game between Garmense and Independencia of the Tres Arroyos Regional League. 

After receiving a yellow card, a male player lost his composure and attacked a female referee. 

Several players tried to stop this ugly incident from unfolding, but they were unable to. 

A video of this attack surfaced on Twitter. Beware though, it's very disturbing. 

Cristian Tirone was identified as the player who struck the official, Dalma Cortadi. 

Tirone was arrested shortly after attacking Cortadi, who has reportedly filed charges against him. 

Garmense released a statement on this horrifying incident. 

"Given the events that occurred this Sunday during the Third Division football match that was played in the city of Adolfo Gonzales Chaves between Garmense and Independencia, during which a player from Garmense physically attacked the woman who officiated as referee, the Club expresses its energetic repudiation of this action that is at odds with the spirit that is intended to instill with the practice of this sport," the statement read, via TMZ

Tirone has been permanently banned from the Tres Arroyos Regional League.