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Soccer World Reacts To Czech Republic's Insane Goal

Czech Republic scores an insane goal.

The first seven games of the Euro 2020 tournament have given us some incredible goals. But all of them have just been completely overshadowed by what one Czech Republic striker did today.

In today's Group D game against Scotland, Czech forward Patrik Schick made his presence felt early with a goal in the 42nd minute to give them a 1-0 halftime lead. But in the middle of the second half, he made his name known to the entire soccer world.

In the 52nd minute, a deflected Scotland kick landed right in Schick's lane. The 25-year-old striker raced towards the ball with a defender bearing down on him. Rather than try to take it and play it closer to the net though, Schick lined up and hit the ball from just past midfield.

Scotland goalkeeper David Marshall was caught completely out of position and didn't realize that the ball was heading right towards the net. He couldn't mark the ball in time for it to get inside for a 2-0 Czech Republic lead.

Needless to say, social media has gone crazy over such an amazing strike. The goal was so good that the term "WHAT A GOAL" has been trending on Twitter ever since.

You might not know just how amazing the goal was from Scotland's reaction to the goal:

The Czech Republic would go on to win the game 2-0, securing a crucial three points and taking a one goal edge on England for the top spot in their group.

Schick and the Czech Republic will face Croatia on Friday and England next Tuesday.

After Schick's performance today, nobody can count the Czech out of either game.