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Sports World Reacts To Elon Musk's Buying Team Joke

Elon Musk speaking on stage.

HAWTHORNE, CA - DECEMBER 18: Elon Musk, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Inc., speaks at an unveiling event for The Boring Company Hawthorne test tunnel December 18, 2018 in Hawthorne, California. On Tuesday night, The Boring Company will officially open the Hawthorne tunnel, a preview of Musk's larger vision to ease traffic in Los Angeles. (Photo by Robyn Beck-Pool/Getty Images)

Elon Musk stirred the pot, and perhaps got some hopes up, by jokingly stating his intention to purchase Manchester United.

Following a Twitter post regarding his political leanings, the Tesla CEO suddenly shifted to declaring that he's buying the prestigious Premier League club.

When a fan asked if he was serious, the eccentric billionaire responded that it was just "a long-running joke." He has no plan to procure any sports organization, not even his favorite team growing up.

The soccer world was torn on how to process Musk's initial comment. Either way, his tweet striking such a nerve reflects the club's current state of disarray that had some fans eager to embrace a potential lifeline.

A renowned franchise with a record 20 Premier League titles, Man United is last with a minus-5 goal differential after opening the season with two losses. They've seen considerable managerial turnover in recent years under the Glazer family, who own the team worth $4.6 billion by Forbes' estimation.

Musk made this joke on Twitter, which he was seemingly serious about buying. The world's richest person now faces a legal battle after attempting to back out of the deal.

Perhaps Musk wouldn't have offered much stability at the helm. But he also could have obtained the best team money could buy if he felt so inclined.

For better or worse, Musk won't attempt to rescue Manchester United.