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Sports World Worried About U.S. Women's National Team

megan rapinoe and alex morgan

United States' forward Megan Rapinoe (L) speaks with United States' forward Alex Morgan after scoring a penalty during the France 2019 Women's World Cup round of sixteen football match between Spain and USA, on June 24, 2019, at the Auguste-Delaune stadium in Reims, northern France. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP

No team in American sports has been as fun to root for as the United States women's national team over the last decade or so.

But the USWNT has been struggling in a major way as of late, causing many fans across the country to be worried about their performance.

What's going on with the American women's soccer team?

Today, they're at risk of losing their fourth game in a row for the first time in history.

"USWNT is trying to avoid a historic fourth-straight defeat, and it’s not off to a good start. Germany leads early at Red Bull Arena," Sports Illustrated tweeted.

Sports fans are understandably worried about the United States women's national team right now.

"my coworkers out here asking me why USWNT are losing.. well let me tell y’all a story,' one fan wrote.

"You'd think the USWNT was losing to like Faroe Islands by the way people get mad about them losing. It's Germany, they're good too," one fan added.

"it’s not crazy that the uswnt is losing this game and y’all gotta realize that the game is growing and germany has been one of the greats for a while don’t act shocked that they took advantage of a failing uswnt," one fan added.

The USWNT has since stormed back against Germany, making it a real game, but things are going to be interesting for the Americans moving forward.

Can they get back on dominant track?