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Troubling Details Emerge From Indonesian Soccer Riot

More than 100 fans have reportedly died at a soccer game in Indonesia.

MALANG, INDONESIA - OCTOBER 01: Football supporters enter the pitch as security officers try to disperse them during a riot following a soccer match at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, 01 October 2022. According to government officials, at least 174 people including police officers were killed mostly in stampedes after riots following a soccer match. (Photo by Suryanto/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

On Saturday night, at least 125 fans were killed at a soccer match in Indonesia. A chaotic scene unfolded after police fired tear gas.

Police have discovered that most of the victims died at six of the 14 gates at the stadium in Malang, East Java. 

Part of the issue was the fact that these gates couldn't accommodate a lot of people. Police spokesperson Dedi Prasetyo said the gates could only accommodate two people at a time. 

"For those six gates, they were not closed but they were too small. They had a capacity for two people but there were hundreds coming out. There was a crush there," Prasetyo said, via USA Today.

Since the gates couldn't fit hundreds of people rushing out of the stadium, a horrifying scene took place.  

Prasetyo Pujiono, a farmer who watched the match with friends, opened up about this experience.

"People could not stay anymore inside the stadium. We wanted to escape but the gate was closed. That is why most people died as they were trampled or suffocated," he said. "I remember they were screaming that they cannot breathe and their eyes hurt."

People shouldn't lose their lives at a sporting event. We're hoping this is the last time we ever have to hear about a story like this.