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The 30 Hottest Single People At Sochi Who Can't Stop Using Tinder

Tinder at Sochi is "next level" with "lots of cuties," the athletes say.

Sex is a big part of the Olympics. Over 100,000 condoms were reportedly ordered for the event. 

Tinder, a dating app that's a lot like Hot or Not for single people who live in the same vicinity, is perhaps the most prevalent hook-up tool being used at Sochi. Olympian Jamie Anderson said she had to delete the app from her phone because there were too many "cuties" on it and she was getting distracted.

Now a Tumblr has emerged showcasing some of the single Olympians who are using Tinder. Here are some of most attractive single people at Sochi who are looking to mingle.

All of the following screengrabs were taken from the Sochi on Tinder Tumblr