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Chris Berman Wasn't Happy With Jemele Hill: Sports World Reacts

Chris Berman talking on ESPN.

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 28: Broadcaster Chris Berman of ESPN is seen on the field before Game Two of the 2015 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets at Kauffman Stadium on October 28, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

Former ESPN writer and host Jemele Hill revealed on a recent podcast appearance that she once angered longtime anchor Chris Berman with some comments about his hair.

Back in 2016, Hill mentioned that Berman's hair was thinning and compared it to the way women are treated for how they look on camera. The legendary ESPN personality did not take kindly to that analogy.

“I didn’t think I said anything that was really negative,” Hill said to Richard Deitsch, via Awful Announcing. “I was just pointing out what I thought to be obvious facts, the fact that nobody cares that Chris Berman is balding on television. I feel like the world can see, he’s thin.”

Berman clearly felt differently, and let Hill know about it in a voicemail. He also demanded an apology, a move that some have criticized. 

"Of course, the point she was making, about women not being allowed to age gracefully on TV, was not any sort of attack on Berman," said longtime Eagles writer Les Bowen. "But if social media has taught me anything, it’s that people often don’t or don’t want to understand what you really mean."

"LOL Chris Berman is pathetic. He's losing his hair. Get over it," added a Twitter user.

"Dude’s been thinning out for like the last 30 years," said another.

"When can we demand an apology for the last 15 years of Berman’s career?" asked another man.

"So you’re saying he wanted her to take it BACK BACK BACK," said a man referencing Berman's iconic home run catchphrase. 

Nothing like some old-fashioned ESPN drama.