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Colin Cowherd's Daughter, Liv, Calls Him Out For NFL Prediction

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

Liv Cowherd proved today that her dad Colin isn't the only one in the family capable of calling a relative out on Twitter.

Colin Cowherd has admonished his daughter before for her social media presence, which has exploded in recent years. But today, she flipped the script on the FS1 radio host.

Liv leaked a DM she sent to her dad about his prediction about the Pittsburgh Steelers finishing below .500. It looks like a couple of followers tried to convince her to call him out.

"Your behavior on Twitter is out of control! Can't be associated with this nonsense," she wrote, echoing language he used toward her in the past.

Have to admit, this is pretty funny. Liv has shown she's not afraid to dish it out as well as take it. Colin is able to poke fun at himself as well, so we wouldn't be surprised if he responds to this at some point. You can follow Liv Cowherd on Twitter and Instagram 

turning the tables on him

— liv (@liv_cowherd) August 26, 2020

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