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Colin Cowherd Reveals His New Rule For Backwards Hats

FOX Sports 1 personality Colin Cowherd.

FOX Sports 1.

In the eyes of Colin Cowherd, few things are worse for a professional athlete, especially a quarterback, than to be a backwards hat guy.

Cowherd doesn't like his signal callers in backwards caps. He's called out several over the years for wearing one, including Carson Wentz and his favorite punching bag, Baker Mayfield.

So you can imagine how conflicted Cowherd must have felt when he saw footage of Tom Brady partying with a backwards hat on during the Bucs' Super Bowl parade. Brady is one of Cowherd's favorite players but at the same time, he just committed the FS1 host's ultimate fashion faux pas.

In his return to the airwaves today following a recent health scare, Cowherd addressed Brady's backwards hat. Basically, while he doesn't love the look, he's willing to let it slide given Brady's resume.

"Listen, I think it's the worst look for a professional athlete. It really looks like a frat boy. But Brady wore it," Cowherd said. "This was not a great moment of judgment and clarity for Tom Brady. But new rule, if you win a seventh Lombardi Trophy, I'm not going to call you out."

So, there you have it. Colin Cowherd is officially okay with an athlete wearing his hat backwards provided he does so after winning at an unparalleled level.

Mayfield and Wentz have a ways to go to get that sort of privilege.