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Colin Cowherd's Top 10 NFL Players List Is Getting Crushed

Colin Cowherd discussing something on his show.

YouTube/Colin Cowherd

Love him or hate him, Colin Cowherd knows how to get people talking. His new list of the top 10 NFL players has done just that.

Cowherd's rankings usually generate controversy, but this list seems to be getting even more blowback than usual. At first glance, the criticism seems warranted.

Cowherd has Russell Wilson as his No. 1 overall player, ahead of Patrick Mahomes, who he ranks fourth. Mahomes is widely-regarded as the top quarterback in the league, but many consider Wilson to be the second-best. Cowherd is also a HUGE Wilson supporter, so while most would disagree with his take here, it isn't that surprising.

What is surprising is putting Mahomes behind a running back, albeit a great one, in Christian McCaffrey. Aaron Donald at No. 3 we don't have much of a problem with though. San Francisco tight end George Kittle rounds out Cowherd's top five.

It is in the second half of the top 10 where things really get crazy though.

Six seems very high for the Jets' Jamal Adams, even though he is one of the top safeties in the league. Mike Evans at 7? The Tampa Bay wide receiver might be the third-best wide receiver in his own division behind Michael Thomas and Julio Jones.

Lastly, Tom Brady may be the GOAT at the quarterback position, but he's probably not one of the to 10 best signal callers in the NFL in 2020. Yet Cowherd has him as the 10th-best overall player right now.

There are some obvious names that missed the cut, like Arizona's Chandler Jones, who had 19 sacks and a league-leading eight forced fumbles last season. Indianapolis guard Quenton Nelson also has a case to be top 10.

Don't forget perpetually underrated Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, top cover corner Stephon Gilmore and wideouts like Jones, Thomas, Tyreek Hill and DeAndre Hopkins.

There are plenty more names we're missing. Who would you have put on this list?