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Dan Dakich Reportedly Under Investigation After Rant On Radio

espn college basketball analyst dan dakich


In news that probably won't surprise many, Dan Dakich is back under fire for comments made on his Indianapolis-based radio show. This time, it involved threats against a nearby school board, and calling an unidentified high school player a "meth head."

On top of his work with ESPN as a college basketball analyst and color commentator, Dakich is a sports radio firebrand for ESPN radio affiliate WFNI The Fan. He is no stranger to firing off takes, but Wednesday's show was way beyond the pale. Dakich has been fired up for a few days over the firing of Scottsburg High School coach Brent Jameson. Jameson was 41-57 in four seasons, but had back-to-back winning years before being fired, the first for the school since 2005-07.

The justification of that move is certainly open for debate. Dakich definitely took something up to an unnecessary level though. During his Wednesday show, he openly speculated that the decision was made because of angry parents of a player who wasn't getting run, and then called that unspecified high schooler a "meth head." He also proposed his listeners "take a dump in Scottsburg," which he called the new town motto.

From there, he turned his ire on the school board that made the decision. He said that he was thinking of taking a trip to the town to "beat the hell out of every school board member." Obviously, reaction has been very negative. Now, Ennis Communications, owner of WFNI, says it will "investigate" Dakich's comments from Wednesday.

That segment of the podcast version of Dakich's Wednesday show has reportedly been pulled down. It is unclear whether that was Dakich or Emmis' decision:

Dan Dakich tried to downplay his comments on the show today, with the implication that they were meant to be joking, and that the right tone isn't reflected in text transcriptions of what he said. From the Indianapolis Star:

Indystar reached out to Dakich who said he would talk about the matter at the opening of Friday's show.

"Tone is important people," he said as he came on the air. "Sometimes you can’t get tone out of newspaper articles and things. Sometimes what's funny when said or trying to be funny doesn't come across."

Emmis suspended Dakich for a week back in October, citing a "failure to adhere to the journalistic principles" on his part, without elaborating much beyond that. It is unclear if it will take similar actions this time around.

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