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Dan Dakich Reveals He's Landed A Surprising New Job

Dan Dakich on his radio show.

Dan Dakich on his Indianapolis radio show.

A lot of people probably lost a ton of money gambling on the NCAA Tournament this year. Among them was broadcaster Dan Dakich, who has found an unexpected way to make up his losses.

Last week, Dakich revealed that he has been working as a DoorDash delivery person to make some extra money. In an interview with, Dakich explained that he's doing it to re-learn "the value of a dollar."

Dakich cited his family background in iron/steel-working and teaching, and decided to get a normal job. He says he initially applied for a job at a local hardware store to try and make some of the money back.

“I come from iron and steel workers, teachers, and I lost sight of the value of a dollar,” Dakich said. “I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and I told my wife I had to make it up. Seriously, I went to the hardware store about a mile from my house and applied for a job, because I wanted to make the money back. I owe my family and I lost the value of a dollar.”

Dan Dakich discovered that his stepson was earning up to $25 an hour delivering for GrubHub. So he took up a similar job to "punish himself."

It's a fascinating story to be sure.

So if you're living in the central Indiana area and place an order through DoorDash, there's a less than zero-percent chance that you'll run into the former Indiana player and coach.