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Dan Le Batard Officially Announces His New Company

Dan Le Batard talking about President Trump.


Dan Le Batard and John Skipper have taken the next step in launching their new media company. The pair sent out a statement announcing the start of the content company "Meadowlark" this morning.

The venture is described as one that "will emphasize a creator-centric point of view, partnering with industry-leading storytellers on a variety of content projects with an initial focus on sports." That definitely sounds to be in-line with Le Batard's interests when it comes to media.

Skipper was a major presence at ESPN for decades, serving as the company president from 2012 until 2017, when he resigned to deal with a substance abuse issue. In Skipper, Le Batard reunites with one of his most significant champions from their time at ESPN, as he looks to land a home for his currently independent radio show/podcast.

"I'm thrilled to be back in the business with Dan, one of the leading and most unique voices in sports media," Skipper says in the release. "We have a lot in the works, but the first order of business will be to find Dan a new home for his wildly popular audio programs."

It didn't take long for Le Batard to pull more talent from ESPN for his new company. Amin Elhassan, an NBA analyst and frequent guest on Le Batard's shows, announced his departure last week while appearing on Le Batard's podcast. During his years at ESPN, Dan Le Batard both grew a diehard following, which ESPN allowed him to retain in the form of podcast subscribers and social media followers, and helped cultivate young new voices at the network. Popular hosts and analysis like Mike Golic Jr., Mina Kimes, Katie Nolan, Sarah Spain, and Marty Smith were all regular guests on Le Batard's shows, helping grow their own brands from there. It is unclear if more will choose to join him, but that aspect of Le Batard's time at ESPN may be the hardest for the network to recreate with him gone. [

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